A 2-day Con-fex and live showcase combining Keynote Presentations, Round-Table Conversations, Workshop and Networking Opportunity but with a couple of unique points of difference...

(1) Sessions and demonstrations willbe live streamed with chat interactivity and moderators to enable session chairs to ask questions to panellists in live.

(2) We will be to hosting a live demonstration fan controlled live sports during the Summit - So we can physically see AND control proceedings. This will be to a live audience (event delegates) and also streamed live with further opportunity for 'in-play' chat and activations.

(3) A 'Burning Man' of technology implementation across as the blockchain, sports and entertainment ecosystems. (betting/crypto/networking/live analytics/streaming)

(4) Through a combination of an incredibly senior and specialised delegation across the ecosystem but the ability to live stream to a mass audience the Summit will change between a 'Chatham House Rule' closed door approach, alongside big demonstrations and launches with mass audience reach and engagement.

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